Central Vacuum Deco Vac DV60

For easy and efficient cleaning, you need a Deco Vac central vacuum system:a modern and essential appliance to keep the whole house tidy and get unparalleled air quality!

Choose a Deco Vac Central Vacuum…

  • For a healthy environment

    Dust, allergens and even odours are captured, and imprisoned for good.

  • For thorough cleaning

    Benefit from increased suction power to clean your whole house, from top to bottom.

  • For ease of use

    Just plug in the hose and pick the appropriate attachment and you are ready to clean!

  • For quiet and peaceful cleaning

    Quiet and installed outside of the cleaning area, you will be able to use it without the risk of waking up the baby or disturbing the entire household!

  • For a versatile vacuum system

    The hybrid* filtration technology allows you to use it with or without a bag, at any time.

  • For durability

    Made with the best components, including sturdy and durable motors, it comes with a 10 year** warranty, thus ensuring your peace of mind for numerous years!

The Deco Vac Central Vacuum Line, it’s:

  • Quality at its best price;
  • A system engineered and assembled in Canada;
  • Efficient motors for maximum power and durability;
  • Self-cleaning filters for unparalleled efficiency.
View of the filter system within the central vacuum
  Central Vacuum Deco Vac DV30DV30 Central Vacuum Deco Vac DV60DV60
Airwatts 506 AW 600 AW
Water Lift (H2O) 106.4”
2692 mm
3048 mm
Decibels 55 dB 64 dB
Air flow 105 CFM
179 CMH
117 CFM
199 CMH
MAX amps 12.8 A 12 A
Voltage 120 V 120 V
Number of motors 1 1
Turbines per motor 1 1
Bag capacity 16 l
3.6 gal US
20 l
4.5 gal US
Canister capacity 16 l*
3.6 gal US*
17.4 l
4 gal US
Weight 19.2 lb
8.7 kg
22.4 lb
10.2 kg
Height 22.8”
57.9 cm
95.2 cm
Diameter 11.9”
30.2 cm
30.5 cm

* Please note that the DV30 model is usable only with bag.
** Parts: 5 years 100% + 5 years 50% (domestic use). Labor: 2 years.